Albert The Digital Repository of the IAS is built with DSpace-extension software - maintained and optimized by 4Science.

Albert is a digital repository for works created by IAS scholars. By offering a central location for preserving research or other scholarly work (including datasets, working papers, pre-publication scholarship, and published papers), the digital repository makes research available to a wider audience, helps ensure its long-term preservation, and can be used to fulfill grant-funded mandates.

The Albert system, first introduced in the fall of 2017, is an ongoing project under continuous development by IAS with support and optimization provided by 4Science. In particular, 4Science provided IAS with the IIIF Image Viewer to enhance and enrich the browsing experience of the institute’s Krateros Project, as well as provided support for the update to DSpace-CRIS 7.3 in early 2023.


At 4Science, we believe in being the most proactive supporter and contributor of the DSpace community for the dissemination of Open Science since 2003. Our mission is to empower open knowledge, and our vision is available here: why we support Openness. We are fully committed to being systemic enablers of innovation, knowledge exchange and connecting cultures.

Open-source development is a powerful collaborative mechanism to these ends, as it supports transparency and cost-effectiveness, so we constantly innovate to enhance our information and data management tools: that’s why we are the leading contributor and member of the DSpace community, and we’re continuing to invest resources in co-creating the global infrastructure that supports research and innovation.

We're proud to be seen as a forerunner of innovation thanks to outstanding solutions for research information & data management and cultural heritage, always aiming to enhance the prestige of our clients. 4Science's true mission is to make an active and substantial contribution to the global open scientific infrastructure, enabling institutions to share their knowledge and expertise in a sustainable way, through fully interoperable systems and standards.