Prince Baysunghur, Before & After: Timurid Manuscripts in Context

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dc.description.abstract The inaugural symposium of the Persian Manuscripts Association, celebrates the 600th anniversary of the first manuscript produced at the royal library-atelier of the Timurid Prince Baysunghur (1399-1433) in Herat. Prince Baysunghur, Before and After: Timurid Manuscripts in Context, is a two-day international symposium, held on 5-6 November 2021, and hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. Baysunghur’s patronage of manuscript production is significant for exhibiting a high artistic refinement in the arts of the book, but the patron was also actively involved in the scholarly aspect of the works to be reproduced. He commanded editions and the preservation of texts in a variety of fields, notably history, ethics and literature. This symposium brings together scholars and international experts in a number of disciplines to explore the connoisseurship and patronage undertaken by the prince, the aesthetic of his atelier’s output, their antecedents in the Jalayirid period, and the production of literary editions in his library. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Shiva Mihan (Persian Manuscript Association) Sabine Schmidtke (Institute for Advanced Study) en_US
dc.subject Persian Manuscript Association en_US
dc.subject Timurid Manuscripts en_US
dc.subject Prince Baysunghur en_US
dc.title Prince Baysunghur, Before & After: Timurid Manuscripts in Context en_US
dc.title.alternative Persian Manuscript Association Inaugural Symposium en_US
dc.type Conference poster en_US
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