CREATIVITY: The Sketch in the Arts and Sciences

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dc.description Symposium's website: — Creativity has a history. It is hard for us to imagine that people have not always experimented, tried out, tested—sketched—ideas before putting them into practice. Yet, that is what the record shows: in the visual arts, for example, the medieval artist created unselfconsciously, out of a millennial workshop tradition that did not require "pre-visualization." The transition from the medieval model book, which provided a repertory of prototypes to be copied, to a series of preparatory studies in which a final design was worked out, took place in the Renaissance. In fact, our modern way of thinking "out loud," on paper or in some other medium, may be a relatively recent development. The purpose of this symposium is to explore the history of the creative process itself, by examining the evidence, of whatever kind, for trial and error—or its absence—in a variety of periods and disciplines. What is a preparatory study, and does it have a parallel history in different fields? What does a musical or choreographic sketch look (and sound) like? What is the history of the writer's "rough draft"? What constitutes a sketch in photography or film? How does the scientist, natural or mathematical, try out ideas before he can prove their validity? The symposium will include creative people as well as scholars, in the hope of shedding light on the edges of conception. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship A Symposium Sponsored Jointly by the School of Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, and the Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Art. May 23-25, 2001. en_US
dc.source creativity
dc.source sketch
dc.source arts
dc.source sciences
dc.source prototype
dc.source preparatory study
dc.source creative process
dc.source medieval model books
dc.source architectural models
dc.source musical sketches
dc.source Millon
dc.source Institute for Advanced Study
dc.source National Gallery of Art
dc.source visual arts
dc.source Renaissance
dc.source Baroque
dc.source Contemporary Art
dc.source choreography
dc.source architecture
dc.source literature
dc.source music
dc.source dance
dc.source natural sciences
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dc.title CREATIVITY: The Sketch in the Arts and Sciences en_US

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