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  • Van Hove, Leon (Institute for Advanced Study, 1955-10-14)
    Funeral oration remarks for George Placzek, School of Mathematics Permanent Member (1948-1955), given in Zurich, Switzerland on October 14, 1955, by Leon Van Hove, IAS Member (Mathematics/Natural Science) 1949-1950, 1952-1954.
  • Stern, Beatrice M. (Institute for Advanced Study, 1964)
    Beatrice Stern was commissioned by the Institute during J. Robert Oppenheimer’ s tenure to write a history of the Institute. She used original source materials at a time when the Institute had not yet established an archive ...
  • Thompson, Homer A.; Jones, Frances F.; Hanfmann, George M. A.; Caskey, John L.; Mellink, Machteld J.; Ehrich, Robert W. (Institute for Advanced Study, 1973-05-04)
    A memorial booklet which examines the impact of Hetty Goldman's work on scholarship. Hetty Goldman was the first woman appointed to the Institute faculty. Her appointment in the School of Historical Studies ran from ...
  • Woolf, Harry (Institute for Advanced Study, 1979-03-04)
    Program, schedule, and participant listing for "The Einstein Centennial Symposium", in honor of School of Mathematics Faculty Member Professor Albert Einstein, held at IAS March 4-9, 1979.
  • Ashton, Dore (Institute for Advanced Study, 1982)
    A lecture by Professor Dore Ashton marked Tony Smith's gift of his sculpture to the Institute for Advanced Study and had its official installation on 14 November 1981.Tony Smith presented his work "New Piece" to the ...
  • Woolf, Harry; Varadarajan, Veeravalli; Helgason, Sigurdur; Mostow, George; Langlands, Robert P. (Institute for Advanced Study, 1984-04-23)
    Memorial pamphlet for School of Mathematics Faculty member Professor Harish-Chandra; containing the schedule for the "Conference on Harmonic Analysis and Representation Theory of Reductive Groups", held at IAS April 23-27, ...
  • ; ; (Institute for Advanced Study, 1985-03-13)
    Memorial for Shelomo Dov Goitein. The eulogists are Professors Avrom Udovitch of Princeton University, Franz Rosenthal of Yale University, and Yosef Yerushalmi of Columbia University.
  • Grabar, Oleg; Griffiths, Phillip A.; Kennan, George F.; Habicht, Christian; Bowersock, Glen W.; Lavin, Irving; Paret, Peter (Institute for Advanced Study, 1992)
    "The conversations which are enclosed took place over the weekend of January 10-11, 1992, and represent the contributions of members of the School of Historical Studies to a gathering of Trustees, Friends of the Institute, ...
  • Griffiths, Phillip A. (Institute for Advanced Study, 1993-04-03)
    "The Institute for Advanced Study hosted "A Celebration of Mathematics 1933-1993" on April 2nd and 3rd, 1993 to mark the dedication of its new mathematics building.The celebration included lectures of interest to mathematicians ...
  • Paret, Peter (Institute for Advanced Study, 1996-05-03)
    Pamphlet containing a "lecture given at the Institute for Advanced Study on Friday, May 3, 1996, is based on the author's work on images of war in European history, pursued under the auspices of the Institute Seminar on ...



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