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dc.identifier General File - Box 41 - Ma cont file
dc.publisher Shelby White and Leon Levy Archives Center, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, USA
dc.relation.ispartof Director's Office: General files
dc.rights This document is protected by copyright and/or related rights. You are free to use this document in any way that is permitted by the copyright and related rights legislation that applies to your use. To obtain permission for other uses, please contact
dc.subject New Statesman & Nation
dc.subject Who's Who in America
dc.subject Massachusetts Institute of Technology
dc.subject U.S. Department of Labor - Postwar Division
dc.subject Medical Society of New Jersey
dc.subject Turkish studies
dc.subject Franklin Institute
dc.subject University of Pennsylvania
dc.subject Wesleyan University
dc.subject Mediaeval Academy of America
dc.subject Laski, Harold J.
dc.subject MacKenzie, Norman
dc.subject Stewart, Walter W.
dc.subject Maitland, Barbara J.
dc.subject Weyl, Hermann, 1885-1955
dc.subject Hitti, Philip K.
dc.subject Maluf, Fakhri
dc.subject Mandelker, Jakob
dc.subject Von Neumann, John, 1903-1957
dc.subject Roberts, Donald
dc.subject Mantell, Harold, Inc.
dc.subject Mantoux, Paul
dc.subject Marcus, Louis
dc.subject Marquand, Eleanor
dc.subject Herzfeld, Ernst
dc.subject Matthews, Charles D.
dc.subject Goldman, Hetty, 1881-1972
dc.subject Mayer, Joseph
dc.subject Hinrichs, A. F.
dc.subject Stewart, Walter W.
dc.subject Mayers, Lewis
dc.subject de Mayolo, Santiago Antúnez
dc.subject Rosasco, Eugenio
dc.subject Melville, L. G.
dc.subject Merritt, Jesse
dc.subject Hughes, Thomas
dc.subject Malone, Kemp
dc.subject Steinbach, Reuben
dc.subject McCabe, David A.
dc.subject Marschak, Jacob
dc.subject Schumpeter, Joseph A.
dc.subject Mack, Julian W.
dc.subject Magnus, Judah P.
dc.subject Bamberger, Louis
dc.subject Oberlaender Trust
dc.subject Thomas, Wilbur K.
dc.subject Malkin, Jaroslav
dc.subject Manel, Bella
dc.subject Mann, Thomas
dc.subject Keppel, Frederick P.
dc.subject Merriam, Charles E.
dc.subject Mantz, Elmer
dc.subject Maria, Alfred J.
dc.subject Earle, Edward Mead, 1894-1954
dc.subject Marshall, Leon S.
dc.subject Marshall, Thomas, Jr.
dc.subject Martin, C. F.
dc.subject Martinovich, Nicholas N.
dc.subject Herzfeld, Ernst
dc.subject Marx, Fritz Morstein
dc.subject Mason, Max
dc.subject Matchette, W. H.
dc.subject Filene, Edward A.
dc.subject Mather, Kirtley F.
dc.subject Mattern, Johannes
dc.subject Matthews Construction Co.
dc.subject Mautner, Franz H.
dc.subject Goll, H.
dc.subject Vandaele, H.
dc.subject Arnold, Robert
dc.subject Gundolf, Friedrich
dc.subject Maxwell, L. W.
dc.subject May, Geoffrey
dc.subject McClung, C. E.
dc.subject McConaughy, James L.
dc.subject McDougall, William
dc.subject McGiffert, James
dc.subject Fosdick, Harry Emerson
dc.subject Melnicoff, Max
dc.subject Mencken, H. L.
dc.subject Menger, Karl
dc.subject Merriam, Mylon
dc.subject Mezes, Sidney E.
dc.subject Serruys, D.
dc.subject Metral, Albert
dc.title Ma file (2 of 2)
dc.type Text

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