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  • Collection Development Policy- Mathematics and Natural Sciences Library, Institute for Advanced Study
    (Instiute for Advanced Study, 2023-04-26)
    Emma Moore
    • Mission: The Mission of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNS) Library is to support the research of the Schools of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) as a whole. • Vision: The MNS Library shall be a central part of the Member and Faculty experience during their time at IAS, via their independent use of the library collections and the Librarian’s provision of associated consultation and services. • Goals: o To maintain a collection at the highest level of quality o To develop collection policies that assist in accessible and independent use of the MNS Collections o To develop services that assist Members and Faculty in obtaining their goals while also managing the existing physical space of the Library in a strategic way
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  • Notes on Minimal Surfaces
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1937)
    Morse, Marston
    Busemann, Herbert
    Notes on a seminar, academic year 1936-1937.
      220  85
  • Existence and differentiability theorems for solutions of variational problems 1937-38
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1938)
    Morse, Marston
    Busemann, Herbert
    Record of a seminar, academic year 1937-1938; notes by Herbert Busemann.
      173  78
  • Seminar on the Cohomology of Discrete Subgroups of Semi-simple Groups
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1977)
    Borel, Armand
    Wallach, Nolan R.
    Notes of a seminar held at the Institute for Advanced Study during the academic year 1976-77.
      158  56
  • Geometry of basic physics: flat spacetime
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1974)
    Milnor, John Willard
    Lectures at Institute for Advanced Study, 1973(?).
      132  61
  • Notes on Jacquet-Langlands' theory
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1970)
    Godement, Roger
    "These notes have been written after lectures on the same subject at the Institute for Advanced Study [from September 1969 to April 1970]. - preface
      145  143
  • Seminar on degeneration of algebraic varieties : Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, fall term, 1969-1970
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1970)
    Griffiths, Phillip
    Mayer, Alan L.
    Jambois, Thomas F.
    Clemens, Charles Herbert
    Katz, Nicholas M.
    Lecture 1. Phillip A. Griffiths -- Lectures 2-3. Alan L. Mayer -- Lectures 4-5. Thomas f. Jambois -- Lectures 6-10. H. Clemens -- Lectures 11-15. N.M. Katz.
      92  64
  • Symbolic dynamics : lectures by Marston Morse 1937-1938
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1966)
    Morse, Marston
    Oldenburger, Rufus
    Notes by Rufus Oldenburger, on lectures of 1937-1938 from Marston Morse. Edition of 1966, includes preface.
      76  132
  • The theory of varifolds : a variational calculus in the large for the k-dimensional area integrand
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1964)
    Almgren, Frederick J.
      182  228
  • Adeles and algebraic groups : lectures
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1961)
    Weil, André
    Demazure, Michel
    Ono, Takashi
    Notes are based on lectures given at the Institute for Advanced Study, 1959-1960.
      92  286
  • Problems of the theory of dispersion relations
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1959)
    Bogol︠i︡ubov, Nikolaĭ Nikolaevich
    Medvedev, B.V.
    Polivanov, M.V.
    Translation of: Voprosy teorii dispersionnykh sootnosheniĭ. Moskva : Gos. izd-vo fiziko-matematicheskoĭ lit-ry, 1958.
      80  88
  • Seminars on analytic functions
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1958)
    Conference on Analytic Functions (1957 : Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.)
    "These two volumes contain the half-hour addresses delivered in the five seminars at the Conference on Analytic Functions held September 2-14,1957 at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ."
      103  139
  • Topics in differential geometry
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1951)
    Chern, Shiing-Shen
    Based on lectures [given] in Professor Veblen's Seminar during the spring of 1949.
      160  196
  • Hyperbolic differential equations
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1953)
    Leray, Jean, 1906-1998
    Possibly lecture notes; original: 1953, reprinted 1955.
      198  340
  • Introduction to analysis in the large
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1951)
    Morse, Marston, 1892-1977
    Lectures presented at the Institute for Advanced Study, February 1947. Second edition, 1951. Appendix : A special parametrization of curves : leaves 1-31 at end.
      89  53
  • Harmonic integrals
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1950)
    Rham, Georges de
    Kodaira, Kunihiko
    Lectures delivered in a seminar conducted by Professors Hermann Weyl and Karl Ludwig Siegel at the Institute for Advanced Study, 1950. Includes bibliographical references.
      104  199
  • Group theory and spectroscopy
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1951)
    Racah, Giulio
    Merzebacher, Eugen
    Park, David
    "These notes are based on a series of seminar lectures given during the 1951 Spring term at the Institute for Advanced Study."
      85  364
  • Seminar on convex sets
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1950)
    Bateman, Patrick T.
    Seminar on convex sets, 1949-1950.
      66  44
  • Seminar on geometry of numbers
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1949)
    Weyl, Hermann
    Mahler, Kurt
    Siegel, Carl L
    Introductory remarks / K. Mahler -- Minkowski's theorem on successive minima / P. T. Bateman -- Reduction of a complex body / K. G. Ramanathan--The Minkowski- Hlawka theorem / A. Dvoretzky -- Roger's theorem on successive minima / K. Mahler -- A mean value theorem / P. T. Bateman -- Non-homogeneous lattices in two dimensions / A. M. Macbeath.
      79  48
  • Developments in the theory of the electron
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1948)
    Pais, Abraham
    Bohr, Niels
    Rosenfeld, Leon
    Developments in the theory of the electron / A. Pais : containing also an abstract of Field and charge measurements in quantum theory, a paper by N. Bohr and L. Rosenfeld.
      95  128