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  • Andrew Alfoldi, 1895-1981
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1982)
    Pamphlet honoring Andrew Alföldi which documents a memorial held on October 16, 1981. The pamphlet includes a memoirs by J. F. Gilliam, Frank P. Kolb, and Pierre Bastien, as well as a bibliography of Alföldi by Geza Alföldy, Elisabeth Alföoldi-Rosenbaum, and J. F. Gilliam
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  • Proceedings of the Seminar on Muslim-Jewish Relations in North Africa
    (World Jewish Congress, 1975)
    Seminar on Muslim-Jewish Relations in North Africa (1974 : Princeton, NJ)
    Geertz, Clifford
    Goitein, Shelomo Dov
    "The seminar on Muslim-Jewish Relations in North Africa, which the American Section's Academic Committee, who Chairman is Rabbi Wolfe Kelman, co-sponsored with the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J., was one of a series of meetings planned... in an effort to reach out to the intellectual community at large." -- preface. The meeting took place on May, 19, 1974 in Princeton and includes comments by S.D. Goitein and Clifford Geertz.
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  • Kitāb fīhi kalām ʻAbd al-Laṭīf ibn Yūsuf ibn Muḥammad ibn ʻAlī al-Baghdādī
    Abd al-Laṭīf al-Baghdādī, Muwaffaq al-Dīn, 1162-1231.
    Alá shayʾ mimmā qālahu Ibn Khaṭīb al-Rayyī ʻalá baʻḍ kitāb al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb li-Ibn Sīnāʾ -- Qawl ʻalá ḥāl Ibn KHaṭīb al-Rayyī fī tafsīrihi sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ -- Maqālah fī al-mizāj -- Kitāb al-naṣīḥatayn ilá al-nās kāffatan -- Risālah fī mujādalat al-ḥakīmayn al-kīmyāʾī wa-al-naẓarī -- Risālah fī al-maʻādin wa-kashf shubah ahl al-kīmiyāʾ fuṣūl ḥikmīyah -- Risālah lil-Iskandar fī al-faṣl khāṣṣatan wa-mā huwa kāmāt ṭayyibah -- Maqālah fī al-maraḍ al-musammá diyābīṭis. Contains about 9 separate works, but improperly bound; some titles appear to be intermixed with one another. From the Martin Levey microfilm collection of Arabic scientific manuscripts. Microfilm of Hüseyin Çelebi ms. #823
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  • General considerations in the design of an all purpose electronic digital computer.
    Booth, Andrew Donald
    Britten, Kathleen H. V.
    This is a general paper on the design of a general-purpose stored-program computer.
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  • Coding for A.R.C.
    Booth, Andrew Donald
    Britten, Kathleen H. V.
    "Although this report deals specifically with the coding of problems for A.R.C. (automatic relay computer) it can be considered as the successor to our previous work on the design of electronic computers. This in because we have made the code of A.R.C. identical with that projected for the electronic machine . The advantage of this arrangement is obvious, we shall be able to transfer any problem which has been coded for A.R.O, directly to the electronic machine when this becomes available In addition, the experience which we gain in using the simpler machine may form a valuable guide to possibly advantageous modifications of the code for the faster computer."-- preface
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  • A Refuge for Scholars : Present Challenges in Historical Perspective
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 2017-09)
    Bardawil, Fadi A.
    Redfield, Peter
    Marichalar, Pascal
    Oschema, Klaus
    Jauslin, Ian
    Dodman, Thomas
    Goddard, Peter
    The three articles were originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of the Institute Letter. They were written by a Member-organized History Working Group that mobilized in response to the January 27, 2017, executive order initially banning travel and immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The History Working Group articles were authored by Fadi Bardawil, Member in the School of Social Science; Thomas Dodman, Member in the School of Historical Studies; Ian Jauslin, Member in the School of Mathematics; Pascal Marichalar, Visitor in the School of Social Science; Klaus Oschema, Gerda Henkel Stiftung Member in the School of Historical Studies; and Peter Redfield, Member in the School of Social Science.
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  • Sculpture on the edge of dreams
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1982)
    Ashton, Dore
    A lecture by Professor Dore Ashton marked Tony Smith's gift of his sculpture to the Institute for Advanced Study and had its official installation on 14 November 1981.Tony Smith presented his work "New Piece" to the Institute in commemoration of the accomplishments of Albert Einstein. The photographs are by Clem Fiori, used with permission. in the pamphlet.
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  • Witnesses to life : women and infants in some images of war, 1789-1830
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1996-05-03)
    Paret, Peter
    Pamphlet containing a "lecture given at the Institute for Advanced Study on Friday, May 3, 1996, is based on the author's work on images of war in European history, pursued under the auspices of the Institute Seminar on Force in History."-- acknowledgments, p.4.
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  • Shelomo Dov Goitein 1900-1985
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1985-03-13)
    Memorial for Shelomo Dov Goitein. The eulogists are Professors Avrom Udovitch of Princeton University, Franz Rosenthal of Yale University, and Yosef Yerushalmi of Columbia University.
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  • A history of the Institute for Advanced Study, 1930-1950
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1964)
    Stern, Beatrice M.
    Beatrice Stern was commissioned by the Institute during J. Robert Oppenheimer’ s tenure to write a history of the Institute. She used original source materials at a time when the Institute had not yet established an archive and interviewed individuals for this history. The history was unfortunately closed to outside use almost immediately.
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  • A Symposium in Memory of Hetty Goldman, 1881-1972 Held at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, May 4th, 1973.
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1973-05-04)
    Thompson, Homer A.
    Jones, Frances F.
    Hanfmann, George M. A.
    Caskey, John L.
    Mellink, Machteld J.
    Ehrich, Robert W.
    A memorial booklet which examines the impact of Hetty Goldman's work on scholarship. Hetty Goldman was the first woman appointed to the Institute faculty. Her appointment in the School of Historical Studies ran from 1936-1947, she was Professor Emeritus from 1947-1972.
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  • From the Past to the Future through the Present: Conversations with Historians at the Institute for Advanced Study. Princeton, N.J: Institute for Advanced Study, 1992.
    (Institute for Advanced Study, 1992)
    Grabar, Oleg
    Griffiths, Phillip A.
    Kennan, George F.
    Habicht, Christian
    Bowersock, Glen W.
    Lavin, Irving
    Paret, Peter
    "The conversations which are enclosed took place over the weekend of January 10-11, 1992, and represent the contributions of members of the School of Historical Studies to a gathering of Trustees, Friends of the Institute, and invited guests. No particular format had been imposed; each speaker chose his own manner of presentation. Nor are all professors represented..." ... "they gave, to those who attended, an unusual insight into the framework within which history is pursued and practiced at the Institute, an insight whose value was considered worth sharing with a larger audience."--Preface.
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